A childhood shattered by grief

Friday 13th May 1994 was a morning like every other; I reluctantly got ready for school and mocked her because, although I was on my way to school, she has to go to work!! I remember her sat at the table as I left for school, “Byeeee” I shouted, with little emotion and the usual facetious tone my sister and I shared with one another. Out the door I went, never realising it was the last thing I would ever say to her, nobody could have predicted what that day was about to bring. Continue reading

Puppy Power

Silence is deafening, am I right?! I wonder what it is, exactly, that leads us to carry out our day like we always do, bumbling along with the rest of the world, doing life and then in the midst of darkness, when even the owls sit still for a while, the brain Continue reading